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Billed as 'career management central' for Australian university students, graduates and alumni, this web site has attracted over half a million members since its inception in 2008.

Features: Public registration system; Large database; Admin interfaces; Import/Export; REST and SOAP API both as consumer and provider; CRM; Bulk email and SMS; presentation quality PDF generation; Data warehouse; Cross continent redundancy; News/RSS generation and integartion; Integrate with user providers and consumers; highly interactive editing system; Test system; Automatic monitoring; ...

The site has been designed and developed by a partnership of Rainbow House Development and Unisolve.

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Waves in Ice

With NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) design, project manage, document and build 8 sea ice 'sea ice accelerometers' which sit on ice floes and measure the propagation of ocean waves from the edge of the sea ice, deep into the ice pack. Each accelerometer is deployed on an ice floe of similar size - between 10 and 30 m diameter - in a line about 150 km long.

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Read more about Deployment of Waves in Ice on SIPEX II

DEDS - DSTO Environmental Data Server

Rainbow House in conjunction with DSTO (defence science technology society) developed the DEDS, A system called the DSTO Environmental Data Server (DEDS) was recently made available to Defence in support of various study activities.

DSTO undertook to deliver DEDS as a way of providing rapid access to highfidelity terrain data and regional weather modelling, this material being crucial for research ventures such as battlespace simulations and capability modelling. The system was designed for simplicity of use and tight integration of environmental data with information on the Defence platforms in the study of performance and capability.

The DEDS was nominated for a DSTO award.

DEDS Video (MP4)

WX - Weather Extreme parallel modelling system

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NSIP - National Schools Interoperability Programme

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Technology and architecture advice for National Schools Interoperability Programme, Education Services Australia on projects: SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework); ACC (Australian Corriculum Coalition); SSO (Single Sign on); Metadata and Paradata standards, editing, matching, and searching.

Develop a number of phone and tablet web apps to demonstrate: real time presentation of Australian Curriculum directly from RDF Triple Store; live updates from SIF REST Interface with native iPad interface; dynamic metadat editing and matching services integrating search across a number of SparQL and other REST end points.

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